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ThankYou x

We would like to say a big thank you for joining MiniMe's World Of Adventures. For creating memories and adventures with your MiniMe's.

Please see what some of or MiniMe's have said about or Adventure Boxes. We can't wait to hear from you, and what your MiniMe's thought xxx

This colouring book set makes the cutest present for any young kid who enjoys colouring.  We loved the personalisation and that every page was different and fun.

The stickers were actually a massive hit and olivias loved all the different shaped crayons to pick from.

We have already ordered another set for a 2 year old and think it will also make a great big sister/ brother present to keep them distracted when all these newborn lockdown babies are born. 

                                                           Amanda xxx  



Thank you so much!!!

It's actually amazing, youv'e built something lovely there!! xxx



                                                     Sammi & Sisi xxx


Noah is going to love, thank you so much, lots of amazing goodies in there xxx

                                                                Nicole xxx



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